Someone held a rave in an abandoned Toys R Us… Nothing is sacred

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Someone held a rave in an abandoned Toys R Us… Nothing is sacred

Some deviants have been caught out hosting an illegal rave in an abandoned Toys R Us over the weekend and it is official that nothing is sacred anymore.

Once a place for children to seek happiness in the form of toys, it seems the Hounslow, London location has acquired a new demographic, hosting hundreds partygoers who aptly renamed the spot ‘Raves R Us’.

According to local police, only 5 attendees were arrested along with the seizure of their sound system.

The took to Twitter to detail the event, writing: “Police have closed down an unlicensed music event on Bull’s Bridge Industrial Estate, Hayes Road, UB2… Sound system has been seized and several arrests made. Do not travel to this area as all attendees and ticket holders are being turned away.”

The best part of all this is the rush-job on the rebranding of the store. Check it out below:

Illegal rave throwers never cease to amaze. Not long now til we start seeing raves popping up in old government buildings.

(Source: Mixmag)


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