Wilderness cabin company offer up artist residencies

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Wilderness cabin company offer up artist residencies

It’s been a tough year for Australian/Eora artists so the announcement of a local wilderness tiny home company offering up music residencies at their bespoke locations around the bush is certainly some welcome news.

The project dubbed ‘Field Recordings’ is a collaborative project created during the pandemic by Unyoked – a wilderness on demand company. They enlisted a group of Australian artists who they ”armed with special recording devices” to capture and create with the sounds of nature amid their wilderness getaways. The result? A collaborative EP on their newly minted label.

Why? Nature is often the blissful time-out for many, even more so for artists who spend long hours cooped up in a dark studio. Unyoked says they want to ”eventually make writing music in the wild as natural as doing so in a studio.” – an honourable mission!

Round one is already done and dusted and saw local alumni Ninajirachi, Jonti, Chloe Kae of kllo, Lucianblomkamp and more take to the bush for chilled out writing sessions. Spirit Level artist Braille Face, signed to Triple J host Tim Shiels label was glowing of the project saying;

“More opportunities like these are perfect. They remove all the systems we’re used to running on and get back to a primal sense of yourself and what’s around you. It’s literally just going out there, hitting record and being surprised.”

Round two is open now for those wanting to get out of the city and into the bush for a chilled out writing session, more info here. For now, dive into the ornate, warm and electronic collaborative EP below;


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