Sydney ranks 3rd last in the world for making new friends

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Sydney ranks 3rd last in the world for making new friends

Making new friends is tough at the best of times but it turns out the city you live in might be making it that much harder according to Time Outs Index Results.

The index results are the work of an annual quiz that over 20,000 people filled out from across the globe and in turn, came up with all kinds of interesting tid-bits including livability, a city’s beauty, accessibility and yep, how easy, or tough it is to make friends.

The good news is, Sydney beat out Copenhagen in Denmark and the Swedish capital of Stockholm for making friends but found itself 50 places behind the top contender. Turns out that making buddies here just is flat-out difficult!

To no ones surprise, for the second year in a row, Sydney ranked as having the second worst nightlife in the world (wooho), with a stern finger pointed at the now mostly defunct lockout laws as the cause of its decimation (a big thank you to ex-NSW Premiers Barry O’Farrell and Mike Baird).

It’s not all bad news though with a stonking 71% thinking Sydney was pleasant on the eyes and only 11% believing it was a ‘dirty’ city. That didn’t stop it from ranking overall at 46th in the world, just beating out Auckland at 47th and behind Abu Dhabi at 45th.

Those wondering what top 10 ‘Best Cities’ topped the list, check them out below;

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Chicago
  3. Medellín
  4. Glasgow
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Prague
  7. Marrakech
  8. Berlin
  9. Montreal
  10. Copenhagen

… and of course, the bottom ten were;

44. Singapore
45. Abu Dhabi
46. Sydney
47. Auckland
48. Rio de Janeiro
49. Johannesburg
50. Istanbul
51. Bangkok
52. Hong Kong
53. Doha

Check out the full list here.


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