There’s a rave den in Sydney you probably didn’t even know about

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There’s a rave den in Sydney you probably didn’t even know about

Photo courtesy of The CHC

In the hustle and bustle of nightlife, it’s too easy to lose sight of some of the best spots. The hidden bars and speakeasies, the gems just out of the city, and the dens that transform into rave socials once the clock strikes midnight.

Newtown isn’t always the place you think of when you think party/rave den, known more for its pub and bar scene and alternative food options but there’s one little institution has been slowly changing that perception by throwing consistent parties hosted by killer local crews and it’s all quietly stashed away under what is possibly the busiest hotel in town.

Tokyo Sing Song is the place doing the deed, tucked away underneath the Marly Bar, it hosts a huge amount of local crews that are killing it. From relative unknowns and new kids on the scene like CHC and Makes Sense; to Sydney mainstays like Comfort ClubAllfriends and VOID as well as everyone in between(think Finer Things and Comfy Grrrl).

Tokyo Sing Song has continued to champion local talent in a perfect little den and continues to do so moving forward and we don’t mind backing a venue like that, so we chatted to a few of the tastemakers making it pop on why these sorts of venues are such an important part of Sydney’s nightlife.

We’re throwing a halloween party there this Friday with the help of 42 Below so if this venue seems like your vibe RSVP here and we’ll see you there!


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