Award winning artist makes limited $2,200 custom rave whistles

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Award winning artist makes limited $2,200 custom rave whistles

Italian DJ Alberto Guerrini has partnered with fine jewelry maker Joy BC to make a rather nostalgic and expensive relic of rave culture. A cut together with noble metal rave whistle.

With a price tag of €, 1350 slapped onto this custom made piece of jewelry and a limited 40 units available, collectors will need to be quick to snap up one of these bad boys made with ancient metalworking techniques by the Award-Winning Artist, Goldsmith Joy Bonfield.

The rave whistle in a way used to represent a more vanilla form of anarchy amongst young ravers in the 90’s, with its symbolism representing a time free from trolling on social media and the distraction of technology.

If you are a fan of the fine arts, be sure to snap one up on gabbereleganza’s website


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