Have a geez at Moog’s new $35,000 synth and contain your drool

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Have a geez at Moog’s new $35,000 synth and contain your drool

Synth heads, rejoice – if you’re loaded that is – because Moog has announced they’re remaking the famed IIIP modular synthesizer.

Born in the 60s, this renowned synth has built up a legacy over the past 50 years and helped forge the iconic brand that Moog has become. With that, this extremely limited revival of the IIIP will set you back a pretty penny. $35,000 to be exact.

So what do you get for that pre tag? The IIIp synth has a stack of features that other models do not contain, including 10 901-series oscillators, four CP3 mixers and a 905 Spring Reverb module. on top of this, it will also play host to some classic modules such as 904A and 904B low and high-pass filters and 911A dual trigger delay.

There are only 25 of these bad boys getting made, so if you have the money, be sure to snag one. Worth the investment?


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