An interactive Moog synthesiser museum just opened

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An interactive Moog synthesiser museum just opened

The grandfather of synthesised music’s legacy lives on. Bob Moog, the inventor of Moog synthesisers and the classic alien movie stereotyped theremin is having a museum opened for his life and the inventions he created.

Focusing on interactivity, the now informally opened museum is a playground for kids, music lovers and inventors alike. Featuring an interactive timeline for Moog’s own life, visitors will be able to freely muck around with oodles of playable synths, effect pedals and theremins until their hearts content.

Visitors will be able to get an insight glimpse into prototype synths, rare theremins and other elusive items that Bob Moog made in his workshop, with rotating exhibits dictating what’s on display.

For the kids, they’ve set up a supervised area to create circuit boards to give the little ones a first taste in creating their own sounds.

We would love to say this museum is in Australia, but sadly it’s not. For anyone touring U.S.A, it’s been set up in Asheville, North Carolina. If you can’t afford the plane ticket, we can hold onto the hope that an organised Moog traveling exhibit will come to Australia one day no doubt.


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