SoundCloud has shared some tips for getting more plays

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SoundCloud has shared some tips for getting more plays

SoundCloud’s blog has unveiled some handy tips for up-and-coming artists on getting more spins on your tracks. This 5 step process might seem obvious to some, but it will surely help a few of you out there trying to optimise your SoundCloud presence. Check them out below:

1: Keep your track, album, and playlist titles clean

Titles are obviously pretty important when it comes to catching a pontetial listeners attention, and keeping the title ‘clean’ goes a long way in getting plays.

Bad title: AllxxThexStars051418vfinal

Good title: All The Stars

A fairly simple tip, perhaps, but you’d be surprised how many illegible song titles we still have sent to us.

2: Make the most of images and descriptions

Aside from the title, the artwork of a track is what grabs a listeners attention at the start, so be sure to use a high res artwork that stands out from the rest.

With descriptions, SoundCloud recommends “track’s backstory, add credits, lyrics, gear lists, or guest lists. To give a shout out to collaborators and feature artists, add links to their SoundCloud profiles.”

3: SoundCloud genre and mood tags are important

This is pretty important as SoundCloud uses an algorithm to funnel tracks with the right tags to the right people. If your song is a mellow, sad piece of electronica, use the right tags and you’ll get the right ears on it.

4: Build your own SoundCloud discography

Keeping your profile tidy is crucial, and the best way to d that is creating your own discography. Playlists marked as an album, EP, single, or compilation will be displayed in the albums section of your profile.

5: How to edit multiple tracks at once

In their own words: We have good news if you think updating tracks one at a time seems like a drag (Narrator: It is). You can make changes – update settings, tags, and artwork – to multiple tracks at once and also create a new playlist from a selection of uploads. To update multiple tracks go to Select the tracks you want to change and then click Edit or Add to playlist to make your changes.

So there you have it, the tips from the pros. Any of this stuff news to you? What else do would you want to learn from SoundCloud? Read the full blog post here.


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