Roland have announced a sexy new Modular Synth

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Roland have announced a sexy new Modular Synth

The team behind the world’s leading synth manufacturer Roland will be dropping an exciting line of modular synths tonight making their latest creation one of their most versatile and strongest product.

Dubbed the System 500 series, Roland have aimed to take the best aspects from the previous models and combine them together into the new line. The modular rig is based on the vintage System -100m’s 110 VCO, VCF, and VCA module.  The System 500 contains features such as “three pristine oscillator waveforms, classic Roland low pass filter with hi-pass switches, and a VCA with multiple outputs. It has inputs for external signals and modulation, and output jacks for both Eurorack and line-level audio”.

With 9 different models, the Aira System 500 series is set to change how we use modular synths and incorporate them into our studio environment. For more information about each modular synth, head over to Roland website here.


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