Sydney tastemaker FlexMami gets ‘Spooky’ with new mini-mix

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Sydney tastemaker FlexMami gets ‘Spooky’ with new mini-mix

FlexMami has blessed us with a brand new mix, dawning the start of a series from the Sydney based selector/influencer dubbed  Spooky Binch.

Contrary to the name, this 30-minute effort is more dance floor energy than spookiness, but we’re all the more better for having it caress our ears, and we think you should follow suit.

In her own words, FlexMami writes:

“This marks the first mix of my brand new series Spooky Binch. The name has no reference to the music you’ll here, but it’s nonetheless VERY important.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

You can catch FlexMami behind the wheels of steel at the first official Formations Festival alongside Swindail, Mazde, Montell2099, Aywy and more that takes place in Sydney on October 21st. See more details on that right here,  Listen to the first official Spooky Binch mix in full below.

(Check out our interview and photoshoot with FlexMami here.)

This playlist was done in collaboration with our accommodation partner ibisPLAY.


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