There is a new boutique festival hitting Sydney next month!

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There is a new boutique festival hitting Sydney next month!

We are stoked to reveal we are launching a new, annual festival this October, in Formations.

This immersive, boutique festival will see a finely curated lineup of local and international beat-makers flaunting their eclectic tastes over the course of an afternoon and evening at the inner city location of Manning Bar.

Kicking things off in fine style for it’s inaugural year will be Sydney based groove-man swindail, alongside German producer and Stoney Roads Records’ own Mazde, 21 Savage collaborater Montell2099, up-and-coming Brisbane MC Miss Blanks, aywy, Jade Le Flay and Flex Mami with more to be announced.

Formations will not only be sonically stimulating, though, with HYPER REELIST installing an immersive, never-before-seen stage design exclusively for the event.

The event takes place on October 21st. Tickets are flying with early birds already down to the last few, so jump onto that here and dive into some Miss Blanks goodness to set the mood.


Mazde (Ger)
Montell2099 (NZ)
Miss Blanks
Jade Le Flay
Flex Mami


Stage and visuals by HYPER REELIST



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