FlexMami talks music, identity and influences ahead of Formations festival

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FlexMami talks music, identity and influences ahead of Formations festival

Who is FlexMami? According to Flex, real name Lillian, FlexMami is a curated identity that amalgamates all the favourite things about herself: “A grandiose sense of self, an innate knack for good conversion, a palatable yet unconventional sense of style, and universally great taste.” 

Having such a strong, public-facing image isn’t a bad way to go in the current age of faceless retweets and anonymous oversharing; people want a face and name to #influence the way they interact with music, and FlexMami is giving the people what they want.

We caught up with Flex last week, foreshadowing her upcoming appearance at our own Formations festival this October. She will be on music duty along with 22-year-old beatmaker Mazde, New Zealand native Montell2099, and of course, Swindail, who Flex promptly groups in with all those with good taste, which make up the sounds you hear when she takes the helm:

Stoney Roads: Who are your musical influences?

FlexMami: Everyone with better musical taste than me. Special shout outs to Kaytranada and Swindail. All they do is create music I love, it’s wild.

SR: What musical genres will you typically traverse during your sets?

FM: A foundation of R&B and hip hop, sprinkled with dancehall, house, future bass and electronic dance.

SR: What does your ideal gig look like?

FM: A relatively chill crowd who appreciates 90-115bpm bops. No requests, heaps of compliments, very little theatrics.

SR: What’s a little-known fact about Flex Mami?

FM: Personality typing is my kink and I love conversations about the apocalypse.

SR: What achievement are you most proud of?

FM: My career to date. I couldn’t single out one experience and say it was better than another because they all worked in tandem to bring me to the present.

SR: Where’s Flex Mami headed?

FM: To places she’s been heavily manifesting about since the get go. Bigger, better, and more legit.

Before we said goodbye, we got the inside word on what punters could expect at Formations on October 21. Flex promises to bring “A perfectly good time. Not too hectic, not too chill. A portion-controlled serving of fun.”

See you there?

Formations festival is an immersive, boutique scale festival will see a finely curated lineup of local and international beat-makers flaunting their eclectic tastes over the course of an afternoon and evening at the inner city location of Manning Bar. And there are still some tickets left! Click here to get yours. 


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