5 things to expect at Sydney’s newest festival, Formations

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5 things to expect at Sydney’s newest festival, Formations

This coming Saturday Sydney will be heating up with Australia’s newest boutique music festival, Formations set for it’s inaugural launch. To celebrate, we take a look at 5 things that punters can look forward to on this day of electronic hip hop, R&B and more!

1: A diverse international & local line up

Including the established future pop producer Mazde, Red Bull backed Montell2099, Brisbane’s freshest booty shakin’ bass meets hip hops Miss Blanks, the recently Boiler Room ready aywy, the always reliable and talented Jade Le Flay and FlexMami! And last but not least, electronic funk lord swindail playing his final Sydney show of 2017!

2: Immersive Stage

Formations have enlisted Melbourne’s visual and stage design expert HyperReelist to provide a formations themed set up and some sensory loaded projection mapping for a visual experience to match.

3: Festival Quality Sound System

A huge sound system to boot and no chance of noise complaints? I’ll take that thank you very much!

4: A safe environment for partygoers

Formations is all about good music and good people. Gronk behaviour will NOT be tolerated so bring your best attitude (and dance moves) along!

5: No lockouts!

Formations is outside of Sydney’s infamous lockout zone so you’re free to party without the restriction or a time in your head to make sure you get to the venue

Formations kicks off at 7pm, Saturday October 21 at Manning Bar. Second release tickets are currently available right here. Don’t miss out

This feature was done in collaboration with our accommodation partner ibisPLAY.


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