Snapchat unveils new ‘Crowd Surf’ feature for you party animals

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Snapchat unveils new ‘Crowd Surf’ feature for you party animals

Snapchat‘s My Story is a common tool to capture highlights at concerts and festivals. Uploading snippets to My Story has been a number one feature to share a moment with the rest of the world and your friends, probably to make them envious at the same time.

The social media app has now unveiled its newest feature, dubbed Crowd SurfSnapchat collects the users’ geographical location, timestamps and creates a seamless viewing experience through videos loaded to Story mode. The aim is to join the snippets together and create consistent audio/various viewpoints.

This latest feature means that viewers can enjoy listening/watching full-length songs at various vantage points and without the choppiness of the original Story tool. Nifty little feature but Snapchat is about to get a huge amount of user submission videos.

If you want to see how it works, check out the video below.

(Source: ThisSongIsSick)


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