Interview: REZZ talks hypnosis, her upcoming Aus tour and debut album

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Interview: REZZ talks hypnosis, her upcoming Aus tour and debut album

There is no denying that in just a couple of years, REZZ has taken the world by storm.

Armed with an eclectic taste for bass-driven music and some very fancy specs, the Canadian producer has turned heads on a global scale in such a short amount of time, and just weeks ago announced her debut album, ‘Mass Manipulation’.

With a handful of tracks from the album already dropped, it clear the aesthetic and soundscape that REZZ is going for with her first full length project. We caught up with REZZ last week to learn more of what to expect from this highly anticipated album, the inspiration behind it and her coming world tour.

Read the interview in full below and be sure to mark August 4th in the diary!


Questions by Josh Anderson and Jacob Lawrence

Stoney Roads: Hey REZZ! To start off with a simple one for those who might not know, who are you and where are you from?

REZZ: Hey guys, I’m REZZ from Niagara Falls, Canada

SR: You played your first shows in Australia in December last year for HARD. How have things changed for you since then?

REZZ: Things have gotten way crazier – in a good way. I’ve been touring a lot and with the new album it’s busy. My fans have been incredible though.

SR: You’ve just announced a new album set to release on the 4th of August through deadmau5’s imprint mau5trap. What was the inspiration and creative process behind this project? 

REZZ: I am really inspired by psychology and hypnosis, but also by my vision at this point. I like how my own brain is able to store memories and inspire me in unexpected ways.

SR: Where did the name ‘Mass Manipulation’ come from? Is there a hidden meaning?

REZZ: I’ve been thinking about how easily our minds can become manipulated by the things we consume in society. We consume heavily through the media which, in turn, tries to curate our thoughts and dictate how we are supposed to behave. The album is my way of playing with that idea and inviting people to become hypnotized, allowing their brains to be manipulated by my music in the hope they might see things through a new perspective. Maybe even something extraterrestrial.

SR: Your music video for ‘Relax’ came out on mau5trap recently, and there were so many interesting concepts that really seemed to coincide with your music; what kind of roles did you play in the production of the video (apart, of course, from starring in it)?

REZZ: The director interpreted the song in his own way and came up with a concept that I really liked. It’s mysterious and thrilling, and it’s visually hypnotizing. It went well with overall feeling of the song.

SR: So you’re about to embark on your first world tour, passing through Australia – excited? What are you looking forward to doing in your down time?

REZZ: I’m excited to just experience the food, people, scenery. It’ll be very interesting and different than what I’m used to 🙂

SR: Do you have any favourite parts of Australia from your previous visit? Were you surprised at the lack of kangaroos roaming the streets? 

REZZ:I loved hanging out by the beach. I could literally spend all my time there. Really wish I got some see some kangaroos though 😉

SR: You must have a crazy schedule these days; how do you juggle touring, producing, and still trying to live your life? There must be a lot of music-making on the go.

REZZ:I’m making music any chance get. I literally finished a song last week in the airport when my flight was delayed. My life is music, and I’m stoked I can to spend it making music and playing it for other people 🙂

SR: Whats been your highlight of 2017 so far?

REZZ: Releasing my first album has been a pretty big part of my year.


REZZ will be heading down under later this year for a string of festival shows as part of her album tour. Be sure to keep an eye on her socials for updates!


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