Scuba’s Top 5 Hotflush Dancefloor Releases

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Scuba’s Top 5 Hotflush Dancefloor Releases

There aren’t a lot of record labels out there with the longevity or influence possessed by the London-based Hotflush Recordings.

Starting life as an imprint for more post-dubstep based music, the label was responsible for releasing music in those early days by acts as diverse as Sigha, Distance, Benga and Shackleton. Now the label has evolved into a more 4/4 based imprint with a thick accent on the techno and house side of things, big players like Dense + Pika, Recondite, Jimmy Edgar, Allan Fitzpatrick and Locked Groove all part of the Hotflush family. And then let’s not forget the role of label manager Scuba aka Paul Rose, whom himself have released music on the label including LP’s like the EXCELLENT 2015 release ‘Claustrophobia’. Yup, this label rocks.

With the confirmed return of Scuba to Australia, we asked the label manager to run us through top 5 Hotflush tracks that will always fill the dancelfoor. And if you’ve not witnessed Scuba live yet then do not miss out on seeing this RA Top 100 DJ in action… (check tour dates below)

Recondite – Caldera / DRGN2 (2014)

This is one of those rare two track releases where two completely different tracks both have a really impact on people. I’ve had so much fun playing out both of these, one of my favourite DJing memories is playing Caldera before it came out at Labyrinth Festival in Japan and watching it blow everyone’s minds.

Trevino – Slide Away EP (2016)

Marcus’ passing earlier this year was a horrible and I’m glad we released this, as we’d been talking for years about doing something. All four tracks on the EP work incredibly well in a club setting, my favourite is probably Mosaic though.

Paul Woolford – Orbit / MDMA (2015)

This guy has had an incredible few years of coming out with massive tunes, both under his own name and as Special Request. He’s known for his pianos of course, and they’re covered here on MDMA, but Orbit is the one I still play all the time, a really brutal track.

Dense & Pika – Colt EP (2013)

The title track of this EP obviously got the most attention but there’s a really wide range of stuff across the four tracks, and Black Deep was a huge hit all of its own. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll find an amazing tune called Airless – that’s the one that’s stood the test of time for me.

Sigha – Sigha EP (2011)

This was maybe the first pure techno release we had on the label. Sigha had been doing weird post-dubstep stuff up til this point, and this was his real jumping off point into techno. All four tracks are really effective, and just to emphasise the point he didn’t give any of them names – that’s proper techno action right there.

Tour Dates

Friday 8th September: smalltown @ Brown Alley, Melbourne

Saturday 9th September: The Grand, Wollongong (Day)

Saturday 9th September: Chinese Laundry, Sydney (Night)



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