Rezz debuts a filthy unreleased track during a festival set

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Rezz debuts a filthy unreleased track during a festival set

When the ever-so-creative Rezz first blew up on the scene, she quickly matched her hype with an impressive, all-encompassing debut release Mass Manipulation, which proved her scope as a producer.

However, Rezz is showing her decision strip things back and go back to her roots a little in a new track that she debuted without any warning at her Day For Night festival set. But Rezz is not sacrificing her immaculate skills as a producer in this new ‘alien bass’ track that was dropped during this daytime set (which itself is rare of her to be doing). The drop is super creative and throws a rapid curveball sonically with her typical weird, boundary pushing sound design. However, there are parts of this tune such as the build ups and the breakdowns that harken back to her earlier work, and make this track still very much a Rezz track.

She’s just one of those artists who’s always carrying around a bag of heat tracks in it. If she continues to, as she has before, offer up a single to a peer of hers, we’ll finally be able to jam this track out as a single.

Check out the vid where she drops the fire out of nowhere here:


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