There Was A Legitimate Rave On A Train Last Night

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There Was A Legitimate Rave On A Train Last Night

All the crazy stuff seems to happen in the UK, at least that’s what seems to be the case given the latest trend of punters throwing parties in unusual spots.

We saw it with the fully functioning nightclub last month, and we’re seeing it again with a rave that was held on a train last night on the tube.

The party, which was fitted with speakers, lights and even had an MC, was the workings of a prank crew called Trollstation, who Tweeted about the mission. Check out the footage below.

Despite the obvious concerns Police would have towards this, the bystanders were quite entertained.

One punter told Evening Standard that “Everyone was enjoying it and it only took up part of one carriage so I didn’t see any real disruption. I was only on it for two or three stops but everyone seemed to be enjoying it”.

Where will the next rave pop up? A hosptial? Maybe in Parliament house?

(Via FACT Mag)


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