This Toolkit Can Turn Anything Into A MIDI Instrument

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This Toolkit Can Turn Anything Into A MIDI Instrument

With technology progressing at unprecedented levels the ways in which we create music are changing, becoming more interesting, and moving away from the purely digital or the purely hands on, focusing more on a fusion of the two.

German start-up Dadamachines has unveiled a novel musical concept in the form of the Automat Toolkit, allowing users to create MIDI music using an iPhone and any object around them. The tool kit focuses on a more hands on approach to music and allows users to build their own musical MIDI controlled sound machines from scratch. Dadamachines have taken an innovative approach to noise, allowing users to “tap, move, bang, and make sound with the world around (them).” What makes this even more exciting is the simplicity of the system and how easy it is to use.

The toolkit centres on the fully programmable Ardiuno-based Automat controller. It contains a number of inputs, allowing the controller to be interfaced with a wide variety of devices, from microphones and motors, to everyday objects. The controller can be programmed by connecting it to a computer, keyboard, or even an iPhone via USB. The Automat is also compatible with software like Ableton Live.

The kit has been offered in a variety of packages; stressing its modularity, compatibility and ease of use. The company is currently raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign; with the innovative concept looking like a sure-shot success.

Watch the Automat Toolkit below.

(Via Dancing Astronaut)


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