Sydney’s Slamb Shares Healthy New House Cut ‘Decky’

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Sydney’s Slamb Shares Healthy New House Cut ‘Decky’

Hailing from Sydney, Slamb is making waves in the Lo-Fi house and Disco movement. Formerly known as Lab5 and making tunes from UK Bass to Garage & 2-Step, Louis Pearce has taken the opportunity to mix up his sound and deliver some crunchy four-on-the-floor belters.

Slamb has been sleuthing around Sydney’s music scene for quite some time and is no stranger to its nightlife. I’m digging his new alias and direction, plus I can give you one very good reason to keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one.

Slamb – Decky, what a tune!

If you’re a fan of Disco and/or House and like to cut a rug then this one’s for you. Slamb‘s track Decky is one helluva catchy number. With its funky guitar riff, balls to the wall kicks and cheeky Jodeci vocal, Decky ticks all the boxes of a certified Lo-Fi banger that is going to smack you in the face ‘pon the dance floor (ooft, look at that Soundcloud waveform). There’s no doubt Slamb is great at what he does and if you get a chance to see him you won’t be disappointed, as the man demonstrates an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things niche and underground.

The Swerve Crew who have a long-running weekly show on Bondi Beach Radio, have teamed up with Slamb and will be throwing a gig on the top floor (The Bordello) of The World Bar this SaturdayGood times and hot tunas guaranteed.

You can catch him doing his thang alongside other local dons Tom Penny, DJ Cosmos and Alice D. All the info is up on their Facebook event which you can check out by clicking here.

I’ll be in attendance, somebody buy me a beer.



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