Metroplane Share A Fun New House Track ‘Bahp’

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Metroplane Share A Fun New House Track ‘Bahp’

Words By Sarah Tonkin

House duo Metroplane dropped their catchy new single Bahp a few days ago and it’s an incredibly fun track to listen to!

Metroplane is made up of Belgian artist Aeroplane and London-based artist Alex Metric (hence the mash-up of both their moniker) and they make a pretty damn good combo. It’s Bahp this and Bahp that. The four-on-the-floor tune is super groovy and the Bahp vocal cuts give it a somewhat comical feel to it. This track really makes you want to bop up and down in your seat.

With summer around the corner, it’s definitely a track you’d want to throw in when you have mates over to get everyone into a feel good mood.

On a side note, the more times you listen to Bahp the more relatable the GIF becomes.

You can stream Bahp below, or cop it on iTunes and Beatport!

GIF Source: [ Too Many Sebastians ]


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