Fabric Is Officially Reopening!

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Fabric Is Officially Reopening!

Yesterday we reported that lawyers for legendary London club fabric were in talks with Islington Town Hall, which would lead to a up to 32 changes to their licensing agreement. The venue was closed back in September as a result of two drug related deaths, and has since promised it would operate at a “gold standard” if it was allowed to reopen its doors.

It’s our pleasure today to bring the news that fabric has confirmed has been saved. They announced the news in a post on their Facebook page, where they attributed the victory to all their supporters around the world. Here it is in full.


Since it was closed, fabric has received over £320,000 in donations, and a seemingly endless torrent of support from fans the world over. No doubt it’ll be a while before it’s able to open its doors again, jumping through a whole bunch of red tape to get there, but it seems that the battle has been won.


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