London’s Fabric Confirms Fundraiser Money Will Go Towards ‘Worthy Cause’

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London’s Fabric Confirms Fundraiser Money Will Go Towards ‘Worthy Cause’

Words By Sarah Tonkin

Earlier this year, the world was touched by London’s famous nightclub fabric as it made headlines that it was to be shutdown. For years, the respected nightclub was home to many evolving and talented artists from the U.K scene and worldwide. So, to hear about this iconic club come to an end understandably devastated many.

Good news swung their way as it was confirmed yesterday that the beloved fabric will get to keep their licence (with the newly introduced rule that 18 year olds would be banned) after racking up over 160,000 signatures on a ‘save fabric’ petition.

Since then, “the London club has released its first transparency statement since winning back its license”. 

Managing director Gary Kilbey announced that the fundraising money from the #saveourculture campaign would go towards “worthy causes in the nightlife industry”. 

It was confirmed that the campaign would end later today with more than 7,000 people donating around £326,000 (roughly half a million Australian dollars) and that Gary Kilbey had announced plans for those who donated to be involved with the new artwork, which will live inside the club. “If you donated, keep an eye on your inbox as we will very shortly be inviting you to cement your part in fabric’s history.”

AT65PT Exterior view of Fabric Nightclub in Smithfields London England UK KATHY DEWITT. Image shot 11/2007. Exact date unknown.



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