A lavish AirBnb was turned into a Rave over the weekend

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A lavish AirBnb was turned into a Rave over the weekend

Residents of Maida Vale, London got a little taste of the raver lifestyle over the weekend, when a lavish AirBnb apartment was transformed into a full blown rave.

This isn’t the first time an AirBnb has turned into a dance party, in fact it seems to happening a fair bit at the moment. However, it has got to be a first for this quiet, upper-class district.

There were reportedly 100 or so punters were raving in the flat, but when Police arrived at around 3:30am, they refused to shut it down as “noise pollution is not a matter for the police.” LOL. The rave didn’t actually finish up until 7:30am, when it organically dwindled down to the usual rough heads you see at the end of a rave.

One neighbour told Evening Standard that they “thought it was an open air concert happening in our road. It was like Notting Hill Carnival. It wasn’t just people in the flat, there were people in the street too.

“It was like one of those things you see in the movies, like a Facebook party that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

All that was left of the rave once it was all said and done was the following sound system.

Ravers  = 1 – Upset neighbours = 0


(Via: Mixmag)


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