Fabric In Talks To Re-Open

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Fabric In Talks To Re-Open

With punters, musicians and industry greats from all over the globe showing their support for fabric since its closure in September as a result of two drug related deaths, it seems that the tides may finally be turning.

Local London newspaper The Islington Tribune is reporting that lawyers for fabric and Islington Town Hall are in discussions over revised licensing conditions, which could mean the reopening of the iconic venue. They claim that tough the club’s appeal was originally set to take place on the 28th of November, the parties could potentially reach a deal before then – though that is ultimately completely reliant on having a Highbury Magistrates’ Court judge authorize the changes. These would be a “gold-standard” which fabric has promised since the closure, with a total of 32 potential changes to their licensing.

The paper also claims that the early deal may mean a huge saving for both the parties in legal fees, with fabric already having raised around £320,000 in donations from loving supporters.

Cameron Leslie, fabric co-owner, and a council spokesperson have both given comments as well, none of which deny that they are undergoing such discussions. Leslie is quotes as saying “I’m not at liberty to say whether [discussions] are being had or not”, and also mentioned the “non-disclosure agreement.” The council echoed something very similar. “We don’t have any other comment,” they said.

While it’s too early to call, this is a glimmer of hope in what have been very dark times for lovers of one of electronic music’s most legendary venues.

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