No Surprise The Young Don’t Support Lock-Out Laws

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No Surprise The Young Don’t Support Lock-Out Laws

You might have recently seen on your Facebook or Twitter feed an article on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website titled ‘No surprise the young support lock-outs‘ written by Jennifer Duke. This doesn’t surprise me. If you’re aged 18 to 34, you’ve probably seen the suspicious alternative agenda that caused these laws to be introduced.

The journalist who wrote this article is the review editor at Domain, Fairfax Media. She previously worked at Property Observer, First Property Magazine and Smart Property Investment Magazine.

There’s a direct correlation between closure of important night time economy operators and property development across suburbs including Potts Point. You have to ask, for integrities sake, why is a review editor of Domain suddenly the professional voice of lockout laws debate for Fairfax?

The article references an independent review created by Fairfax and ReachTEL that uses 1,600 NSW voters… Not Sydney voters… NSW voters.

The data they collected takes into account age, however, there’s nothing detailing where in NSW the person lives and how many people in each age bracket were interviewed.

Sydney, just this year had a protest with 15,000+ people marching in the city that got so much attention, it put more pressure on speeding up a serious State Government funded independent review. Why are Fairfax commissioning polls when the Callinan Review is due?

There are some terrible personal opinions in this article that really push a tired and very under constructive rhetoric.

‘Those crying the loudest to stop the lock-out laws fail to provide an adequate alternative’.

This quote alone shows a lack of research into Matt Barrie’s 70 page submission, any consideration into the views of the people who went to the effort of writing 1 of the 1,856 submissions to State parliament, or simply the lack of effort to type in google, ‘alternative solutions to lockout laws‘.

Property journalist Jennifer Duke quotes;

‘the government may be responsible for changing the law, but we are responsible for changing our culture.’

While 45 year old London Mayor Sadiq Khan quotes;

‘No single organisation or public body can solve these problems alone – we all need to work together to ensure London thrives as a 24-hour city, in a way that is safe and enjoyable for everyone.’

Every time Jennifer Duke may have listened to a Flume, Alison Wonderland, Flight Facilities, RUFUS, Hayden James track, she’s listening to something that was created through the contribution of Sydney’s night time economy.

No city, country or society is perfect, but there are solutions that are enhanced through all stakeholder building culture and education together. Up until this point, Mike Baird has assumed the position as boss of NSW. 

The State government needs to work as a team with the everyone in NSW to create solutions as opposed to pushing an agenda that has reputable publications suspiciously taking sides.

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