Time to be he heard! Lockout Law rally organised for next week

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Time to be he heard! Lockout Law rally organised for next week

A rally has been planned to show support for an MP who is set to introduce a bill to NSW Parliament to remove the archaic Sydney lockout laws as early as next week.

The bill will push to see if Deputy Premiere John Barilaro, who cited a need to remove the lockout laws next year sometime will actually back it after publicly stating the need for their removal earlier this month.

“The Deputy Premier has two options: put up, or shut up. He can either support my bill, or stop paying lip-service to proposals he has no intention of really supporting.” – Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak.

The rally, organised by long-standing anti-lockout laws group Keep Sydney Open aims to show that people care about this city and it really is time to remove the lockout laws that have crushed the cities nightlife entertainment and economy.

While their were some good intentions to the lockout laws in response to a handful of coward punches in Kings Cross in 2012, alcohol related violence was already in decline for the years pre-lockout laws. The laws were also seen as a somewhat blanket solution to all operators and in turn wiped out businesses and creative opportunities for musicians and artists.

Moving forward, the removal of the lockouts laws along with more visible policing and education around violence, especially alcohol related violence would go a long way.

The Keep Sydney Open lockout law rally will happen Thursday October 26th outside NSW Parliament. Be sure to hit ‘Going’ on the event page and invite friends along!


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