Check Out This Wearable Subwoofer For Your Wrist!

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Check Out This Wearable Subwoofer For Your Wrist!

Sounds odd, right? Relax, it’s 2016. Welcome to the current year, chums, where tuff this this happens.

A Kickstarter company that has popped into our sights are building wearable subwoofers for your wrist. A Sub-watch of sorts, but officially going by the name of Basslet.

The Basslet is the creation of former Ableton and Native Instrument employees, who have banged their heads together and create a wristwatch-looking bracelet that adds some serious OOMF to whatever you’re listening to on your headphones.

Check out the introductory video below:

Speaking on the concept behind the Basslet on their Kickstarter page, the creators state their “intention was to combine our sophisticated technology with a clean and timeless design that reflects our high standards in terms of quality, usability and comfort.”

“We wanted a design that supports a single purpose – feeling the music – without any distractions. Everything you see on the Basslet follows that purpose.”

The Basslet has already passed its funding goal, however you can still make donations for purchase until July 24 (4 days from now).

Click here and get around it.



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