How To Experience 3D Sound With Any Pair Of Headphones

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How To Experience 3D Sound With Any Pair Of Headphones

Ever wanted more from your headphones?

New technology from WAVES allows listeners to experience 3D sound that matches that of an IMAX surround sound system or a live concert.

Their Nx program utilises psycho-acoustic algorithms that create 5.1 or 7.1 audio for the listener. As well as this, WAVES have also developed the ‘Nx Head Tracker’, which attaches to any set of headphones to track your movements and react accordingly.

These intriguing advancements in headphone technology have been created to enhance listening experiences for music, film and video games; and is accessible as an application for both desktop and mobile appliances.

Sounds like WAVES are really on the ball with this one, adding this to a long list of audio innovations and inventions. It makes sense that they are one of the only brands to snag the Technical Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sound.

Read more on WAVES Nx here.

[Source: Mixmag]


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