FBi Dance Class is back and taking applicants now!

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FBi Dance Class is back and taking applicants now!

Since its humble beginnings back in 2003, FBi Radio has been a huge support for emerging female talent, kick startign the careers of artists such as Nina Las vegas and Anna Lunoe.

Last year, they launched the FBi Dance Class with V MoVement, an initiative that sets up women who are eager to delve into electronic music with tutors who teach them the skill sets they need, such as DJing. And guess what, it’s back!

FBi Radio’s Managing Director Clare Holland says “It’s hard to ignore the gender imbalance when it comes to women in electronic music. FBi’s Dance Class is our attempt to do something about it. More women visible as DJs and producers means that other young women will see this as a possible pathway for them.”

The 2015 instalment saw artists such as Madi Carr (Sports), Genevieve Collier (Genie) and Lauren Hansom to name a few; all of which are now killing it in the game right now!

FBi Dance Class is taking applicants right now until July 3, so if you’re a woman who wants to get involved in electronic dance music, click here and apply.

Check out some of the videos from last year to get a better understanding of what it is and what you will do.

V MoVement – FBi’s Dance Class: Maddy Carr AKA Sports from V MoVement on Vimeo.

V MoVement – FBi’s Dance Class: Mira Boru from V MoVement on Vimeo.


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