Kids Can Build Their Own Speakers With BOSEbuild

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Kids Can Build Their Own Speakers With BOSEbuild

BOSE has always been in the top contenders for professional audio systems and now they’ve come up with a product, the BOSE Speaker Cube that is aimed at curious youngsters who want to learn a bit about science and technology.

The build-it-yourself project is part of the company’s BOSEbuild program which encourages kids from 8 years and older to build and customize their very own speaker set powered by bluetooth.

“At BOSEbuild, we believe that hands-on exploration is the key to sparking a child’s curiosity. When kids build something with their own hands and experience it with their own senses, it does more than just teach – it inspires.”

By getting your hands on magnets on electromagnets, you can learn more about how sound and speakers really work. BOSE have also developed a handy mobile app which takes you step-by-step through the experiments and at the same time educates you while making progress. Let’s be honest, even adults will love building this just as much as kids will.

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is easy to assemble, yet sturdy enough for it to remain in fantastic condition over a long time. All the parts are already included in the box and to make it even more convenient, absolutely no tools are required! The Speaker Cube is also customizable via coloured lighting effects and swappable silhouette covers.

Overall, the best part about BOSEbuild is while your listening to your favourite tunes from a light-changing speaker cube, you can also boast to everyone that you built the speaker yourself. How’s that?!

Take a look at the trailer BOSE released to promote the BOSEbuild speaker cube!

[Via FACT]


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