How To Turn Your Place into the Ultimate Summer Kick-On!

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How To Turn Your Place into the Ultimate Summer Kick-On!

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Home is where the heart is, but more increasingly of late the best party times as it offers an unprecedented space for kicking it with all your friends without the hassles of long drink lines, sweaty strangers and lame tunes!

There is of course some crucial must-do’s when it comes to flipping the switch from home to club to really make it feel like you’ve stepped into a dank dance pit and shmoozing solstice so here are the absolutes when it come’s to turning your pad into paradise!

Food and drinks

While this might not initially be high on the list of priorities when turning your place into a mini-Berghain by having mixers (coke, soda/sparkling water, sprite), couple bags of chips, mini pies, hell… maybe even a cheese platter will impress guests thoroughly and keep people not only on the spectrum but also everyone in place and not jetting out for a quick bite to never return!

A strategically placed coffee machine could be a game-changer to to keep the caffeine rolling (who doesn’t mind a latte at 3am?). Worst case scenario you end up with an assortment of breakfast bites when you finally arise the next morning!

Chill space/Backyard

Like any good club a house party can at points get a little too hot and heavy and in turn a need a place to catch a breeze and a breather before heading back into the throng of it all! This could be a bedroom with a couple rugs, visuals and beanbags or better still a backyard with enough chairs, crates and ledges to plonk your behind on. Bonus points for a small fire to keep people entertained.

This also helps cater to the party heavy and more-chill types so it’s an all inclusive party for all…. much like how clubs should be!

Some bloody good speakers

Pretty much THE thing you need to turn any living room into the rave cave it so ought to be. There definitely is a careful place for the music to be just loud enough without bringing the wrong kind of attention to the party but we can all agree you’re going to need something a bit higher spec than those computer speakers from way back when.

We might be a little bias’d but Yamaha bring the goods when it comes to the HiFi department with the above NX series speakers something you can pick up right now!

Cool housemates and neighbours

There isn’t a whole lot happening if you haven’t got some pretty chill housemates or neighbours, they pretty much ARE the party as without them no good times will be going down.

Generally you’ll have an inkling if your houseys are the party types but at the least give them plenty of heads-ups of day and time plus numbers and of course an unlimited guestlist so you’re all on the highway to the danger-zone together and talk about those random hook-ups for months to come!


This can be a tough one unless there is some clarity from the get-go as to the genres people are likely to be hearing on the night as it’ll set the mood and likely outcome of it all.

For us there’s a strictly no song to song selection but a DJ or mix already cue’d up and ready to go so there isn’t that chopping between tracks every 30 seconds sort of deal and a dead dancefloor before long.

Another bonus to sorting some decks and DJs is the guest appearance of all your mates who can finally debut their DJ alias’ including Boba Ket, Eddie Murky and DJ Combat Wombat.

Don’t worry we’ve got you sorted for sounds as well, check out our Classic House Party playlist below which you can play on your Yamaha NX-N500 STUDIO speakers when you enter our competition.;

Thanks to Yamaha for helping present this piece, check out their selection of home audio goodness now!


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