Attention all techno fans: Regis is touring Australia

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Attention all techno fans: Regis is touring Australia

Techno is a well-established sound. DJs, producers and promoters, both local and up-and-comers on the international circuit, all carry the will to push the music forward into the future. We’re hearing a lot of new ideas within the genre which is exciting. But all these new ideas came from somewhere. It’s special when a true originator from the scenes comes and pays us a visit to provide some techno-education. Regis, aka Karl O’Connor, is one of these true originators.

Through his Downward Records label, co-founded between O’Connor and Peter Sutton, Regis was apart of a movement which defined the “Birmingham Sound” of electronic music, a sound that has played a big part in shaping techno music today. Downward’s back catalogue is full of techno gems that still sound as relevant today as it did back in the ’90s. If you listen to Regis Complete Works 1997-1998, and Complete Works 1999-2001, you can hear the insatiable grooves, the strange drones and soundscapes as well as pure machine funk; elements that are still very much at the heart of techno.

For those in Sydney and Melbourne, you’re in luck because Regis is performing this weekend. This will be the first time that he’s performed in Australia. See the below dates for event details.

March 1st – Syndey: Hex Yellow – Immersion – Charades with REGIS
March 2nd – Melbourne: Bunker presents Regis






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