Sam Gellaitry – Glacier

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Sam Gellaitry – Glacier

Sam Gellaitry; the kid who signed to Soulection at the age of 17, the kid who has been labelled the J Dilla of his generation and the kid who got Mr. Carmack to tweet, “Sex to Sam Gellaitry’s soundcloud” has just released a new single titled “Glacier”.

Within the playlist, “Ideas”, Glacier sounds crisp and clean, with the predictable Gellaitry finesse. The track continues to push trap boundaries as Sam sticks to his successful formula of soulful hip-hop with dynamic and heavy bass.¬†Glacier begins with Sam’s signature flute: a dreamy and futuristic riff, before a subtle yet punchy 808 is introduced. As it progresses, you’ll hear the addition of a funky lead, and soft, calming female backing vocals to accompany the arrangement of sounds.¬†Gellaitry’s signature keyboard skill is witnessed within the last quarter of the track, leading the song into its final fadeout.

Not only is glacier unconventional in terms of trap, it also provides insight within Gellaitry’s genius. That is, his ability to create heavy beats that would be no stranger to a live show, but combines it with melodies that are reminiscent of jazz. Along with Glacier, Sam also uploaded snippets of other singles, titled “…nah” and “haha…”, so be sure to check them out too.


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