Badrapper links with JACKNIFE on heaving collab ‘Creepin’

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Badrapper links with JACKNIFE on heaving collab ‘Creepin’

Sydney’s Badrapper has returned with another monstrous single, this time teaming with JACKNIFE for ‘Creepin’.

Keeping the mood aligned with the title of the track, ‘Creepin’ adopts a dark, ominous tone from the get-go, gradually building over the duration of the first minute with patented Badrapper instrumental choices that inevitably lead to a hefty climax.

Form here, the track takes a huge swing in a different direction for the second and final drop, keeping us on our toes as he has been known to do.

If hard-hitting, bass driven music is your forte, this one will hit the spot and stay there. Listen to ‘Creepin’ below and let us know what you think.


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