Montell2099’s latest track is absolute FIRE!

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Montell2099’s latest track is absolute FIRE!

After his appearance at boutique festival Formations last month, Trap don Montell2099 has dropped a fiyah tune dubbed ‘SUSU’ and it is punishing!

Hailing from New Zealand, Montell2099 has impressed us yet again with a bass-heavy, groove oriented, percussive Trap heater and of course it’s bloody good. ‘SUSU’ is minimal but packs a lot of punch. The lead sounds like a sample of a kitchen utensil as well as a bunch of samples of everyday sounds (computer sounds and maybe birds?).

Bent metallic sounds panning around, clean and punchy drums with large subs underneath, Montell2099 has got his new track packed down.

Suss it out below!


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