Getting to know Sam Gellaitry, the producer everyone is listening to

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Getting to know Sam Gellaitry, the producer everyone is listening to

Hailing from the town of Stirling in central Scotland comes a young producer named Sam Gellaitry, a name you have very likely heard a few times over the past 2-years if you stay clued into the electronic world.

First turning heads a few years back with a string of quirky yet captivating singles that grabbed the attention of Soulection; Gellaitry quickly became something of a SoundCloud phenomena, raking in millions of plays and churning out new music like he was in a rush. We certainly didn’t mind though.

This energy doesn’t seem to have slowed down either, with Sam spending the better part of 2017 sharing track after track as well as the final chapter in his ‘Escapism’ EP series.

So after taking the world by storm, Gelaitry has finally landed on Aussie shores for a stacked tour with BBE. We figured now would be the best time to catch up with Sam to learn a little more about the producer everyone seems to be listening to.

Interview by Jack Colquhoun

 Stoney Roads: You’ve been making music for such a long time, how has your approach to making it changed over that time?

Sam Gellaitry: I was thinking about this recently, I basically went from house to weird wonky hip hop to this new bass “trap” stuff. The approach is different for each but partly why I stopped making house is because my intentions there are to make something funky and tight sounding but with this new style i can really experiment and be as loose as I like.

SR: Who are some of the artists you’ve met over the last few years that have had the biggest impact on how you do things?

SG: I’ve actually been blessed with meeting the majority of my music heroes although one moment i’ll never forget was meeting Madlib. He is responsible for my love of hip hop.

SR: Trap influence has always been at the core of the music you make, what attracts you to it so much?

SG: The majority of my releases have been trap influenced due to a combination of what I mentioned earlier and that I crave hearing trap music when I’m in a club so I wanted to have my releases resemble that when I’m DJing if that makes sense. I love making that style of music although I’m definitely steering away from it for my new releases.

SR: What do you think of the current state of trap music?

SG: It’s getting quite repetitive I feel. I’m actually really into mumble rap though as it gives the beats the centre of attention and producers like Pierre Bourne have this really addictive and euphoric quality to their beats, it’s fun to listen to. Also the UK is crushing it rap wise, I don’t think it would be as strong with out the trap influence. I’m glad its fizzling out rather than stopping at a halt like what happened with dubstep.

SR: Your sound is unmistakable, but you bring elements from a variety of genres to the table when you produce. What sort of music do you like to produce in your spare time aside from trap?

SG: I make loads of different stuff like house/funk and indie but I’d say I love making jazz the most: It’s a challenge as it kind of goes against the grid which you are given whilst producing but it’s so rewarding making something sound like real and expressive from a computer. My new releases will incorporate all the stuff I’ve been doing on the side which i’m so excited to share.

SR: You’ve had a cult following since you were 17, and many consider you to be one of the most exciting and refreshing producers on the scene. Being so young, are you worried about running out of steam or do you anticipate things to only get bigger?

SG: I appreciate the love! I guess I’m just going to keep reinventing myself and expand my reach with side projects and producing for artists etc. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes and hope the attention stays although I’m in no rush to be a star or a hitmaker, just trying to keep progressing naturally.

SR: For the most part you’ve made music as a bit of a lone wolf. Can we expect any collaborations or features in the future?

SG: Definitely! I have a bunch of tracks I’ve made with select collaborations in mind although I am thankful and love the fact that with the state that music is in that I’m able to be known for my music without having to produce for other people.

SR: A lot of your music is obviously inspired by different locations. What would you say is, to you, the most beautiful sounding place on earth and why?

SG: My hometown Stirling for sure. It’s the perfect blend of urban and rural landscape

SR: I’ve seen you say before that you often associate music with colour, like a kind of synesthesia. To you, what is the perfect sounding colour and why?

SG: Yeah I see music in colours depending on what key the song is in. My favourite key is D# minor which to me is a light blue colour which is perfect to use if you want a track to sound summery.

SR: If you could soundtrack the perfect movie, what would it be about?

SG: Either a Sci-Fi film or something based on a person’s story where the music is there to depict the feeling of the character. Open to anything really, feel like it would be one of the most rewarding things to do as a producer.

SR: We’ve seen a heap of EPs from you, but can we expect the album at any point soon?

SG: Of course. In the process of making it now, it’s something I’ve never done before even for fun so I’m going to patient with and let it evolve with my tastes until I’ve made a timeless piece. Should be done in time for release at the start of next year.

SR: You’ve been around the world pretty constantly in recent years, but you always go back to Stirling. What is it about your hometown that keeps you there?

SG: It keeps me grounded and inspired. The night life is hideous and there isn’t much of a scene there but its a perfect location to stay creative.

SR: Your first Australian appearance has been hyped up for a really long time, and it goes without saying that the local population has a pretty good idea of what to expect when you come to visit. Have you ever been to Australia before in your spare time? What do you expect from the crowds and the country itself?

SG: It’s my first time here! Can only hope I live up to the expectations. I’m not sure what to expect really but I know it’s going to be an incredible experience and have heard great things about Australian crowds so I’m hopeful and very excited!

SR: What’re you most excited about right now?

SG: A mixture of this tour, releasing my new EP which introduces my new sound direction and finishing off my album. Also going to launch my alter egos this year which should be fun too, very thankful to be able to express myself in all these different ways and for my incredible fans. Much love!

Be sure to catch Sam on his Aussie tour, that kicks off tonight at Max Watts. Check the full tour schedule below and find tickets here.



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