Eelke Kleijn- Mistakes I’ve Made

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Eelke Kleijn- Mistakes I’ve Made

If you aren’t familiar with Eelke Klejin, sit back while I enlighten you. This guys is the all in one package, he’s done everything from movie scores to DJ-ing mass production venues. Considered a modern-day composer, he’s pioneered going farther than being labeled as just an ‘electronic DJ’. The Dutch producer has two albums under his belt as well as numerous remixes and originals, gifting us with his talents again Eelk Klejin released a new original today called Mistakes I’ve Made. The unique sound of the track combines Deep House beats, with Johnny Cash-esque guitar strokes under Eelke Klejin’s voice giving the track a Folk infused sound to it. Listen to the track below and grab your own copy available on Spinnin’s Records on September 8th.


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