Hafdis Huld – Lucky (Glastrophobie Remix)

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Hafdis Huld – Lucky (Glastrophobie Remix)

Iceland may seem like an unlikely place to find dope music, but artists like Hafdis Huld consistently prove that geographical location does not bound creativity. Folk music, like that of Huld, holds a special place in our heart as the ideal daytime and commuting tunage. Seeing as we are a dance blog, the fact that a dope remix came into our inbox left us grooving with joy.
Holding steady with the Icelandic folk sound, Glastrophobie’s remix adds a house element that doesn’t detract from the original’s sonic intention. With an almost Mumford feel, the summery vibes are strong with this one. Grab a listen to the 22-year-old German producer’s remix and bask in all of it’s jazzy glory.


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