Premiere: Kilter ‘They Say’ Remix Competition Winners

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Premiere: Kilter ‘They Say’ Remix Competition Winners

With over 1,200 stems downloaded, 109 remixes submitted and 190,000 plays for those remixes submitted, 1,900 SoundCloud remix re-tweets, competition was red hot for Kilter’s ‘They Say’ remix competition presented by AIM and hosted on first of it’s kind platform Track Sift.

After an intensive judging process with etcetc, Kilter and Stoney Roads, the two winners for the Australian (exclusively) and International winners were sifted and then chosen.

Each winners remix was mastered at the Famous Studios 301 by Sameer Sengupta who mastered the original Kilter ‘They Say’ track, Stoney Roads: Volume Two as well as many other big notable electronic tracks.

The Australian winner for the Kilter remix competition goes to L W K Y, a two piece based in the creative hub of Melbourne who emerged onto the scene in late 2013 and are making strides with a distinct up and down tempo interpretation of electronica. This competition win is timely with their up and coming fade up on Sydney community radio monster FBI.

‘Everything from those crunchy cymbals and huge brassy bass to the pads in the breakdown just sounds so delicious! Awesome remix that keeps the energy of the original but moves it to a completely new place.’ – Kilter

The international winner for the Kilter remix competition goes by the name of Omniment and also happens to come from Australia, more specifically Brisbane. Omniment has only emerged into the electronic scene in the last month and has done an insanely good job of his remix, making us proud to present him with his first major musical break!

‘This remix caught my attention immediately with its unique direction and sounds. I love the way Omniment changed the chord progression but kept elements of the melody to completely shift the mood of the track. All the sounds used, especially that squealing lead and the added guitars, are great.’ – Kilter

This adventure has been brought to life with the support of our friends at Red BullZanerobe and Studios 301


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