Nicole Millar returns with sultry new cut ‘Blindfolded’

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Nicole Millar returns with sultry new cut ‘Blindfolded’

Nicole Millar is back at it again with her new single ‘Blindfolded’.

Seemingly built for summer, with foundations of sultry synth beats under Nicole’s tantalising vocals, ‘Blindfolded’ delivers a pure electro-pop escape just in time for summer.

Effortlessly cool and catchy, ‘Blindfolded’ was premiered on triple j on Monday and unveiled live for the first time at Rolling Stone Live Lodge in Sydney on Tuesday night. It follows the well deserved success of singles ‘Tremble’, with 6 million+ plays on Spotify and ‘Signals’ at 2 million+ plays.

Co-produced by Kilter, ‘Blindfolded’ showcases Millar’s songwriting prowess, as she allows her lyrics to take centre stage.  It is her most personal song to date, and reads like a page ripped from her diary.



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