How To Make A Remix: With Dada Life, Adventure Club, Martin Garrix And Chuckie

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How To Make A Remix: With Dada Life, Adventure Club, Martin Garrix And Chuckie

In conjunction with our Kilter ‘They Say’ remix competition presented by AIM on new dance music discovery platform Track Sift, we spoke with Martin Garrix, Dada Life (watch him eat vegemite here), Chuckie and Adventure Club about how they approach a remix. Garrix paints a good picture sharing  “Every producer works a little bit different’, with a noticeable differentiation being how they build a song around an attractive element of the song, be it the vocals or the chords.” – spot on!

Madeon had a little bit of fun recently when tweeting about being a producer telling fans to simply search Google for all the tips and tricks;

We we’re given a slightly more serious response by AIM course co-ordinators Patrick Nellestein and Eric Chapus who shared three killer points when looking at a remix including our favourite answer; “You need to stamp your own compositional style to the remix… A good idea is to keep the vocals and perhaps chorus chord structure and compose the rest from scratch. The reason they are getting you to remix is usually because they like your style and programming.”  – read the rest of the chat here.

For a club house driven perspective on approaching a remix, check out what Gorgon City, Paul Kalkbrenner and Porter Robinson shared with us here and download the free stems, check out the prize details and more at 

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