Play the ‘Berghain’ Parody Version of Flappy Bird

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Play the ‘Berghain’ Parody Version of Flappy Bird

With the demise of Flappy Bird – the obnoxiously frustrating side scroller that forces you to navigate an array of blocks with a bird – has come both serious and parody attempts of the simple time waster with one version in particular catching our attention.

Cue ‘Berghain Bird’, a version that mocks the renowned Berlin Club by taking out the bird and replacing it with a hipster (duh) and of course those solid rocks with the only thing harder, Sven Marquardt – the tattoo’d monster bouncer who mans the doors daily.

It seems about as hard as the original having only earned a whopping 9 points as seen above. Think you can do better? Play it here.

We all know copter was where its at first.

Berghain Flappy Bird (2)


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