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Bromance MTK

Brothers in techno arms Motorik will be throwing a mega bash this Saturday with Bromance faithful Louisahhh!!! and Maelstrom, who has also just released a new EP on Zone. They’ll be joined by local legends Jensen Interceptor, Wordlife, Floria (who’ll feature on Stoney Roads – Volume Two) and the Motorik Vibe Council.

To warm the nether regions we’ve got 10 of the biggest techno tracks as picked by the entire Motorik dream team, meaning this is a go-to for ball tearing 4/4 action. Better yet is a stream of (most of) the tracks to fill in the void between afternoon beers and late morning bags.. whoops!

1. The Presets – Goodbye, Future (Wordlife Remix) – Modular Recordings
It’s hard to say whether the OG or this remix is better. We’re all huge fans of the Moyes/Hamilton juggernaut, and K.I.M. has played Motorik a few times and made HUGE partyvibes. Anyway, this is a slice of euphoric technoravefunk which Wordlife has drilled down, rebuilt for the more discerning dancefloor and unleashed on the world. Put your hands in the air like you just don’t give a fuck!

2. Sanfuentes – Body Talk (Harvard Bass Remix) – Sanfuentes “100%” Records
This guy is a Grammy award winning guitarist, who leads a secret double life as the co-founder of Comeme with M.Aguayo, and as Surtek Collective on Boys Noize. What a fuuuckiiiinggg legend! Anyway, our boy Harvard Bass gets down on this, increases the jack to 1,000,000% and so all the dancefloors did rave. The entire remix pack is dope, and a portal to a parallel dimension of arpeggiated tuff-as-all-hell house.

3. Wordlife – Club Strobe (CSMNT61 + Jensen Interceptor Remix) – Motorik Recordings
It took months of persuading to get the Brothers Santamaria and Jensen into the studio together to do this. After the drawn-out recording of their huge “PLUS + EP” (also on Motorik, what a label!), which involved arguments over drum machines in Cannes and over who was most stylishly ethnic in New York, they settled their differences and got down to what they do best: creepy, propulsive heck-no. Just kidding. The only fights that occur with these dudes are over who gets what slider at The Passage, where they also hold a 50’s soul night on Thursdays called Goldentone. PLUG! BANGER! YEAH!

4. Strip Steve – The Funktion – Boys Noize Records/BNR TRAX
Our boy Theo’s like a stealth bomber. He glides in and out of the studio, looking like a prim and proper little German dude. And then he goes and drops a hit like dis. You just wouldn’t expect it. FUCK. YEAH. JAM! Much love to BNR for being a bastion of solid gold vibes.

5. Francis Xavier – Pludatarium – Motorik Recordings
This is Frank. Meet Frank. You might know him from his role as the musical engine behind ARIA award winning legends Infusion. He also does a little thing called The Finger Prince with Angelo Cruzman. This is the sound of a man who knows what is going on. This is slightly more disco than our usual, but it’s funky fresh, so we’re all about it. Wait. Did I just say funky? Hmm. :/

6. Jon Convex – Losing Time – Civil Music
THE DOGE COMMANDER! Convex is a legend. He’s played our parties a few times. We’ve been on some road trips together. We’ve had some times. He used to be part of Instra:mental with Boddika, and had the luck to marry a total babe from Epping (Yeah, he married an Aussie! WIN FOR OZ.), so we’ve had the pleasure of vibing with him in the studio lots lately. He’s written an EP for us with Jensen Interceptor and El Presidente Vivi, but until that comes out, you’ll have to check this slice of smooth yet jack-equipped techno.

7. Maelstrom – Discord – Zone Music
What can you say? This is techno. Its hard hitting, it’s fresh, it’s fun. It’s got that 80’s EBM feel in spades. For fans of The Hacker, Nitzer Ebb, DAF, Dopplereffekt etc. We can’t wait to party with him and the first lady of Bromance, Louisahhh!!!, this weekend. Don’t be a chump and miss it.

8. Alden Tyrell – Wurk It! – Clone Records/Jack For Daze!
YEAAAAAAAH! Look, if you really want to know how amazing this is, we can attest to the fact that we unleashed it on an unsuspecting Newcastle (yes, Newcastle) crowd who were expecting hits from 2006-2009. Risky move. We decided to go ahead with it anyway. Lo and behold, the whole place did erupt and the vibe did elevate. This is party, condensed down and pressed beautifully onto a 12”. Alden’s a lord, Clone’s a house of legends, and yes, it’s jackin’ like nothing else.

9. Rework – Heavy Handed – Correspondant Records
We love Rework. They did that sick loop that underpins “I Get Deep” by HMC. They remixed a Finger Prince track for us which is still one of our biggest sellers. We put this sold gold jam on our mix for Ministry, “This is Techno”, and we reckon that it almost steals the show. It’s restrained but wonky. Just like Angus from The Finger Prince. Hopefully they come and play a Motorik soon – we’re working on it, we promise.

10. The Finger Prince – Imago – Bang Gang 12 Inches
Yes, this is that song that we play in nearly every single set. This is, in fact, the song that inspired the existence of Motorik. It goes WOOOOOSH and then BRRRRZOOOM and then CRRRRRINK and then takes you to a higher level. We just wish it was mastered better. Buy it on beatport so Frankie and Gus can buy more synths. Dat drop, it’s a winner. EVERY BLOODY TIME.

11. Gesaffelstein – Depravity – Bromance Records
You just can’t go past it. The dark lord of goth-trance-no. We can’t wait to play a gig (or two) with him in March. Yaknowwhatimeaaaannnn…. FUTURE MUSIC ON SALE NOW MOTORIK LIKES OF YOU ETC 😉


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