Motorik Vibe Council on good parties, their label game and the magic of the b2b

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Motorik Vibe Council on good parties, their label game and the magic of the b2b

If you’ve ever been within a whiff of Sydney there’s a chance you’ve found yourself at a Motorik warehouse party over the years (including a take-over of a go-kart track for their 4th bday) or heard their brand of ad-hoc banter coupled with mountains of skuzzy techno through the airwaves at FBi Radio. In short, they’re a collective, label and group of friends who’ve kept the good times moving!

Ahead of their headline set at the next FREE Stoney Roads party this Saturday at everyones favourite rave den Tokyo Sing Song in Newtown (with pals @ 42 Below), we picked the brains of the techno cohorts to find out just how they’ve not only navigated but flourished in a sometimes difficult scene.

SR: As one of the more consistent party crews around, what do you think are the keys to a good party/Why have you lasted so long?

MTK: Love the people at your party. They are your rave family.

SR: How hard is it to find success as a music label that finds itself categorised as underground or away from the mainstream?

MTK: Success is subjective. Our goal is to put out the music we love, which we do. That’s success to us, so what others categorise our music doesnt really come into it.

SR: What does it mean to DJ as such a large crew (4 right?) How does it mix up what gets played and the vibe that gets thrown around?

MTK: We all play pretty much off the cuff. so its always a fun time to see where we end up in terms of musical selection each time we play.

SR: Having been around since before the lockouts, what do you think are some of the best ways to combat some of the (arguably) tougher nightlife?

MTK: They say there are only 2 certainties in life; death and taxes. To that we would add the people’s will to party. That will is adaptable so make sure you’re putting on the funnest event you can and the right people will find you.

SR: What have been a couple highlights from the Motorik party staple since inception??

MTK: There are really so many, but i would have to say the 2nd Birthday Rave and hosting Gesaffelstein and Brodinski at the Metro always rise to the top of the grand scale parties we’ve managed to pull off.

So yep, if you’re inclined for a laborious slather of house and techno this Saturday alongside Lucy Cliche, Tori Levett and a heap more be sure to click ‘going’ on the Stoney Roads event page and snap up a FREE RSVP.

Also, soak some vibes from when Brodinski and Gesaffelstein went b2b at Club 77 years ago for a Motorik jaunt below.


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