Deep Dish Back on the Menu in Miami

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Deep Dish Back on the Menu in Miami


There are comebacks that simply fizzle out after a failed album and there are comebacks that people rave about before and after. After being on the low low for a few years, one of the original supergroups plans their comeback at the iconic Winter Music Festival this March, and after releasing hits on the top global dance labels and touring before DJs really toured, Sharam and Dubfire quietly slipped away until the time was right.

Maybe they decided someone needed teach EDM a little about how to make a true deep anthem, but the Washington, DC locals could return soon enough. Though many classic house producers haven’t been able to hang with the trending hipster crowd, Deep Dish seems like a likely opponent for the Pitchfork pansies.

Dropping back into the game, the duo is set to release a new single ‘Quincy’ on UK-based Virgin Records, and teasing an interesting, unique groove, the original seems to rock basic house with attention to detail these two are known and loved for. Ahead of the release Deep Dish plan to headline the massive Ice Palace at prime time height of the Winter Music Conference festivities. If that booking alone doesn’t show their pull we don’t know what will. Keep your ears out for the release and grab ticket if you happen to be in South Florida for the party.


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