Someone Made The Champagne Machine Gun Nobody Asked For!

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Someone Made The Champagne Machine Gun Nobody Asked For!

Yep, that’s right, someone has gone out of their way to birth the creation of the most unnecessarily awesome item possibly ever, the Champagne Machine Gun!

The timeless act of spraying expensive (or cheap) champagne all over the place has finally received the evolution it deserved, and it’s all thanks to a guy┬áJeremy Touitou, AKA The King Of Sparklers (??)

This champagne loaded Uzi is a fairly straight forward mechanism. You attach a magnum champagne bottle (because apparently they’re the hardest for clubs to sell), give it a few shakes and all of a sudden your shooting over 23 feet of bubbles. The Miami Times write it best, saying “you get to feel like P. Diddy for 45 seconds.”

Who doesn’t want that?


The Champagne machine gun is available in gold, rose and chrome, and set you back $400 USD!

Click here to check it out, or watch the hype-vid below and have a light cringe.


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