Is Erol Alkan’s Latest Single a Timeless Classic?

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Is Erol Alkan’s Latest Single a Timeless Classic?

Making a modern day house classic is a funny and largely unpredictable beast. With many producers and labels releasing on iTunes and Beatport on a daily basis, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve such status through delivering the sound without a co-ordinatively creative music video. Erol Alkan recently rolled out his single “A Hold On Love” from his ‘Illumination’ EP. Has he achieved modern day classic status?

‘A Hold On Love’ is a euphoric number that floats along a repetitive yet hypnotising melody. It has been influenced most likely by Kolsch who created two well known singles in ‘Opa’ and ‘Lorely’. The music video that runs apace tugs with your emotions through exploring the feeling of discovering the communal experience of dance music for the first time through tranquil nature and scenery. A simple yet engaging song and video that resonates immediately through it’s overall unilateral memory provoking message. Dem feels.

Has Erol made a 2013 modern day classic set to stand the test of time or is this just a good house tune that we will enjoy for the next few months?


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