Examples Favourite 5 Things To Do In Australia, Bloody Gr8 M8!

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Examples Favourite 5 Things To Do In Australia, Bloody Gr8 M8!

Credit: Example at the Hi-Fi, Sydney Australia. Shot by Voena.

With a pretty busy international touring schedule that must mean countless hours jet setting around the globe you’d think Example would be hard pressed to knock over some of the simpler things in life since settling in Australia after marrying opal-of-our-eye Erin McNaught.

Fear not, the ex-pom (yeah we’ll call him ours now, alongside Russel Crowe) has been getting around our great piece of land tackling some of the stuff us Aussies take for granted.

While it seems like the Sony signed producer’s outback skill-set is slightly overshadowed  by his wifes we can appreciate Example getting into the swing of things under his new alliance to the green and gold!

Have a gander at what the ‘Change The Way You Kiss Me’ singer has been up to and mosey on over to iTunes to check out his latest ‘All The Wrong Places” EP with remixes from Jack Beats and Quintino.

Now to get him to perform at mum and dads Boxing Day BBQ.

Examples Favourite 5 Things To Do In Australia

Kayaking: My parents live in one of the waterways just off the Coomera River. Whenever I stay with them I go kayaking with my wife (Erin McNaught) and end up getting lost exploring all kinds of creeks we should probably just avoid. We get bitten to pieces by mosquitos

Rock climbing: Recently discovered this at a place in Brisbane. Then I found another great one in Melbourne. Great exercise for the whole body and amazing if you love a good challenge with your mates. There’s some great indoor climbing centres as well.

Fishing: I do this whenever I’m in Sydney or on the Gold Coast. My wife is a bit of an expert – she was on the cover of a fishing magazine! – she ties all the knots and I just enjoy the experience

Mountain biking: My wife was an Aussie champion when she was younger and her family are all mountain bike crazy. I’ve always been into riding but now I don’t really have a choice!

Barbecue: I don’t think this one needs an explanation does it??

Photo evidence of Erin or ‘Estuary Erin’ as she’s affectionally known as in fishing circles after reeling in a Spotted Mackerel. Sadly we couldn’t find the front cover of Modern Fishing she featured on.

Erin McNaught Spotted Maceral


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