Brodinski Talks Forthcoming Album; Rap, Skrillex, The French Scene and More

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Brodinski Talks Forthcoming Album; Rap, Skrillex, The French Scene and More


Brodinski has opened up in an interview with Red Bull about his forthcoming album including talk of a heavy rap influence, distancing from the French sound and his bromance with OWSLA label owner Skrillex.

Part and parcel Brodi has always had a fondness of Hip-Hop and RnB as various mixtapes and collaborative projects including the latest release on his own label with Theophilus London has shown, with this ethos staying true and so eloquently put by the man himself as a ‘techno head take on rap’.

“Most of the album is going to sound like rap music would sound if techno people were doing it. I still feel like the vibe is getting put together right now and we’re still in phase one. I’m really happy about this session – it’s done a lot to open my mind and see the way I want to do things.”

Sadly, that image of the Bromance label owner behind the mic that Para One took in the studio not all that long ago won’t prove to be a new stepping stone for Brodinski into the rap game and more so just a bit of fun although his voice will feature somewhere through the album – a spoken word ala Giorgio Moroder perhaps?

“No way! That was just a joke. But you can hear my voice on the album, but not singing or anything. I think voice is a really good instrument to use for noises and stuff so it always works for that. But I’m never going to record a rap song. Para One posted the picture and then everybody was talking about it. I’m like, ‘Oh man!’”

Even with his roots as a Frenchman and a vast admiration of fellow producers Justice, Laurent Gardner and Daft Punk, the Parisian see’s this as no reason for the forthcoming album to be moulded in that particular way, rather a modern look forward that embodies travel, foreign cultures and of course, the internet.

“It’s a lot of pressure but I don’t really want to do anything like them even if I really love them. I don’t consider my music as French – I was just born there. Now, because of the internet and the way we travel and the way we do music, I’m just seeing the album as something I should do after all that travel and all those influences.”

One of the greater accomplishments of his Bromance label with Paris Social Club promoter Manu Barron has been the buddying up with Skrillex’s all-conquering OWLA label in the states that has certainly opened doors to greater touring and festival opportunities with Brodinski openly praising the dubstep innovator.

“Yeah, let’s say that – we were definitely bromancing. Sonny is the nicest guy and he has a really good view on music because he’s really objective.”

Although early days we’re excited to see what comes of Brodinski’s debut album more so with his ‘friends’ in all the right places, CC Sam Tiba, Gesaffelstein, Skrillex and more that should take production duties, features or remixes to the next level.

source: Red Bull


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